Telephone Calls


    Our office staff has been trained to handle calls in a way we feel is most efficient for you. Please provide all necessary information when you leave a message for your doctor. Providing this information will assist the doctor and nurse in making  accurate decisions and taking the appropriate actions. Our staff will make every effort to respond to your call in the most time efficient manner.




We try to see all patients on an appointment basis and make every effort to remain on schedule throughout the day. Occasionally we are delayed by emergencies and we ask your patience. Please inform the appointment secretary of what service you are requesting or what problems you are having so that enough time will be allowed with the Doctor.  Bring all your medications with you at the time of each office appointment.  This ensures that  your medicine is accurately prescribed and dosed and free of possible drug interactions. There will be a Twenty dollar charge for cancellations less than 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointments.


                  Prescription Refills


    It is the patient’s responsibility to keep up with prescription refills.  Please contact the office at least three days in advance for routine refills. No refills will be given on weekends and holidays.  Additionally, If you have not been seen within a year, refills may be limited.  You should make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible.  This limitation allows the doctors to properly monitor the effectiveness and safety of your prescription medication. 


              After Hours Treatment


    If you require care after normal office hours and you feel the problem is an emergency then call the rescue squad or go to the Emergency Room at Danville Regional Medical Center or a treatment facility of your choice.




    Your medical records are strictly private documents  No information regarding your condition will be given to employers, friends, or relatives without  your permission.  When information needs to be released to another doctor, your signature is required and we will need to know at least one week in advance of your appointment.


             Doctor-Patient Relations


    Good patient relations are based on mutual understanding and respect.  We make a special effort to explain everything  to you  regarding your condition, medicines, and treatments.  If you have any question, or if something is not clear to you, do not hesitate to ask us. 




Practice Policies





Phone: 434-791-1345

Piedmont Internal Medicine

               Payments & Fees


   Charges for services are determined by the time spent and the specific  nature and complexity of your particular medical condition. Payment for office service are due at the time the service is rendered.  This is one way in which you can help us control the cost of medical care.  Insurance co-payments are required at the  time of service.  If you need to arrange a payment plan our billing department will be glad to work with you to establish a payment schedule.  If your account is more than 60 days old and you  have been unable to make payment, please notify us regarding your reason.




    If you are covered by an insurance company, our office will file your claim for you.  If your company does not make a payment to you or our office within 30 days from the time your claim is processed and forwarded to them, you should contact your carrier to inquire about the delay.  If payment has not been made from the carrier within 45 days, we will then require you to begin making payments on your  account.  Your insurance carrier is responsible to you for payments of your claims and has no direct obligation to us.  Therefore our office cannot accept responsibility for collecting insured claims nor for negotiating settlement of disputed claims.  Should any overpayment be made your account will be promptly refunded.




    We wish to stress that the financial responsibility for payment of services rendered rests on the patient or the patient’s family regardless of the status of medical or liability insurance claims.  Quite often insurance policies do not pay the full amount of our fees although they are a tremendous help.  We are treating you not your insurance company.  The policy is actually a legal contract between you and your insurance company, not Piedmont Internal Medicine. 


      If you have any questions regarding our services or fees,  please call us.

 Piedmont Internal Medicine